COVID-19: Econotech has been declared an "essential supplier of services to essential businesses". As such we are operating as usual within the public health restrictions. We do not foresee any issue which would cause this to change, but will proactively notify our clients immediately in the event that it does. To view Econotech's WorkSafe compliance COVID-19 operating policies, click here.   (Nov 2020)

Quality Assurance

It is Econotech's top priority to provide our customers with precise, reliable and consistent data. We understand that you'll be relying on our results to make time- and cost-effective decisions and we must ensure that our results are accurate and dependable.

Our dedicated staff members are thoroughly trained to follow well-established industry procedures. Department Managers review test results and compare them to known control standards. Preliminary reports are generated electronically and are followed up with a mailed written report. The written reports are individually reviewed for accuracy.

Our Quality Manager oversees the formal chemical quality assurance programs and our performance evaluations. He ensures that all methods, training and performances of our chemists are up to date and in keeping with our stringent standards as well as all industry standards, such as US EPA, Environment Canada, APHA and others. We also participate in Proficiency Testing and are accredited by CALA - the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc. to ISO/IEC 17025 standards - please see Accreditation No. A2454 for specific tests.

The Pulp and Paper Testing Department ensures compliance with standard methods as dictated by PAPTAC, TAPPI, ISO and other industry organizations. Econotech uses a reference pulp, aged for eight years, to monitor the performance of our PFI mills, Valley beaters and other laboratory testing equipment. Should results fall outside the established limits, work is stopped until the problem has been resolved. Econotech also participates in the Collaborative Testing Services (CTS) program, allowing us to continuously monitor our testing performance against other laboratories worldwide.

The Microscopy Department analyzes bulk samples for asbestos and air cassettes for fiber concentration. The microscopy team adheres to the reference methods of NIOSH 9002 "Asbestos (Bulk) by PLM" and NIOSH 7400 "Asbestos and other fibers by PCM". Econotech also participates in quarterly round robin proficiency testing for both types of analysis, coordinated by AIHA (American Industrial Health Association).

Perhaps your most important assurance would be to see what our customers have to say. We have been of service to the pulp and paper industry for more than 40 years - an accomplishment that wouldn´t have been possible without our on-going ability to provide high quality, consistent, and responsive services to you, our valued customers.