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Biomass Quality

Today, there is a growing interest to use solid biomass as a fuel alternative. A comprehensive analysis will provide data to get your project started. Regular monitoring will keep you on track to better understand your fuel mix and meet environmental regulations. Talk to us today and get the information you need.

  • Moisture content
  • Bulk density
  • Size Classification (Williams or Tyler sieve)
  • Ash Fusion Temperature - deformation, softening, hemispherical and fluid temperatures
  • Metals/Cations in ash
  • Calorific Value (Gross and Net)


Fuel Packages

  Ultimate Analysis Proximate Analysis 
  • Ash @ 575°C or 725°C
  • Elemental analysis
    (CHN with O by difference)
  • Total Sulfur, S
  • Chloride, Cl
  • Ash @ 575°C or 725°C
  • Volatile Matter
  • Fixed Carbon (by difference)

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