Fuel Value

Eli volumetric pipette

Eleanor Oriel, with Econotech since 1989, preparing a solution to test for total chloride.

Econotech has the equipment, knowledgeable and experienced staff needed to assess the value of a range of fuels including black liquor, lignin, hog fuel, wood pellets and assorted biomass material. We understand the importance of using established and standard procedures to obtain samples that are representative and correctly prepared thus ensuring that your results are accurate and consistent.

Using calibrated instrumentation, ASTM, NREL and other standard methods, our data is valuable in assessing fuel options for power or recovery boiler operations.

  • Calorific value, higher and lower heating value; Parr Bomb calorimetry
  • Concentration of weak black liquor to minimum required solids for combustion
  • Organic/Inorganic ratio - sulfated ash
  • Total sulfur and chloride levels
  • Micro elemental analysis C,H,N,O
  • Ultimate/proximate analysis
  • Metals
  • Fuel size classification
  • Bulk density
  • Ash fusion temperature


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