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Analysis of Lignin


Quantity of lignin in pulp, wood, or black liquor

Brenda soxhlet extraction

Brenda Mijares, with Econotech since 1990, preparing for a DCM soxhlet extraction.

  • Lignin in black liquor, UV method - reference SCAN N22
  • Klason (acid insoluble) lignin content in wood and unbleached pulp after DCM extraction - reference Tappi T222
  • Klason lignin content in bleached pulp (Excludes DCM extraction)
  • Acid soluble lignin - reference Tappi um-250
  • Kappa number of pulp - reference Tappi T236
  • Permanganate Number of Pulp (K#) - reference Tappi um-251
  • Residual lignin in bleached dissolving grade pulp - phosphoric acid method

Properties of lignin

  • Moisture content of as received material - reference ASTM D3173
  • Water extractives - reference NREL TP 510 42619
  • DCM Extractives - reference Tappi T204
  • Ash content @ 525°C - reference Tappi T211
  • Ash content @ 750°C - reference ASTM D3174
  • Metals by ashing, acid digestion and ICP analysis
  • Micro Elemental analysis (C, H, N and O)
  • Calorific value (BTU/lb) - Parr Oxygen bomb, reference Tappi T684
  • Total Sulfur content
  • Total Chloride content
  • Carbohydrates (arabinan, xylan, mannan, galactan, glucan)
  • Infrared spectra


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