Wood, Pulp & Paper Chemical Components

Ronak titration

Ronak Nasri, with Econotech since 2010, determining α-cellulose by titration.

When working with wood, various fiber sources and their resulting products, you´re dealing with materials of a complex nature. Econotech has the expertise, equipment and established procedures to explore the composition of the complex materials in your current or proposed project and give you results you can depend on.

We can analyze cellulose, its extractives, lignin, and other related materials that are part of your process. Econotech follows standard methods from TAPPI, PAPTAC, SCAN, ASTM and others to generate results.

At Econotech, we know that customers use our data to support costly engineering, marketing and product development projects. We therefore commit to providing the most reliable and accurate data possible.

Some examples of what we do:

  • Kappa numbers, viscosity determinations and degree of polymerization
  • Lignin measurements - Klason, soluble, residual
  • TAPPI Alpha, Beta and Gamma cellulose fractions
  • Caustic solubility, S10, S18 (hemicellulose)
  • Carbohydrates - galactan, glucan, mannan, arabinan and xylan
  • Carboxyl/Carbonyl functional group content, copper number
  • Copper number
  • Hexenuronic acid level (Hex-A)
  • Identify and quantify extractible components (for pitch control) using DCM, acetone, or toluene
  • Determine the amount of ash and acid insoluble ash
  • Metals and cation analysis (fusion procedures followed by ICP or AA); Determination of organo silicones
  • Sulfur - Total, bound, reducible (TRS)
  • Anions - Total and soluble (Chloride, various Sulfur species, oxalate, etc.)
  • Acidity or alkalinity of pulp (pH values)
  • Determination of the biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) of pulp


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