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Specialty Cellulose: acetate and viscose grades

Dissolving Pulp is a highly specialized area of pulp manufacturing and end use. Our pilot plant can simulate the production of either viscose or acetate grades of pulp and can also provide detailed information on their properties.

Some examples of what we do:

  • Pilot-scale pulping and bleaching trials (including sulfite and prehydrolyzed Kraft cooks) to target alpha cellulose content and viscosity as appropriate for the desired grade.
  • Bleach plant simulations starting with pulp from your mill to develop dissolving grade material.
  • Raw material evaluations such as cotton linters or non-wood plant sources.
  • Specialized analytical testing - cellulose acetate, viscose.
  • Assessment of your dissolving grade pulp for suitability in producing viscose or cellulose acetate. This would include evaluating viscose aging and ripening; filterability, haze and clarity of cellulose acetate or viscose solutions; photo-microscopy studies; plus various chemical and physical property tests.

Our experience with dissolving pulp dates back to the founding days of Econotech, when in 1972, we acquired the lab facilities and equipment of Columbia Cellulose, a manufacturer of dissolving pulp. Since then, as an independent development lab, we have offered our customers the unique skills and facilities required to provide accurate and reliable testing of dissolving pulp grades.


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