COVID-19: Econotech has been declared an "essential supplier of services to essential businesses". As such we are operating as usual within the public health restrictions. We do not foresee any issue which would cause this to change, but will proactively notify our clients immediately in the event that it does. To view Econotech's WorkSafe compliance COVID-19 operating policies, click here.   (Nov 2020)

A mutually beneficial relationship

Suppliers, consultants and engineers: let us help you!

We've been a mainstay, pulp & paper laboratory since 1972. Chances are good that you already know us. If not, we may be working with a colleague in your company at a different location, or perhaps we did in the past. We value our relationship with you and strive to exceed your needs. We are always available to discuss projects or results with you. Additionally, your results are always kept in the strictest confidence; we often work under confidentiality agreements.

You may have excellent equipment and expertise in-house, but there are times when an independent evaluation is a must. Whether you are selling a new chemical or process or dealing with a customer complaint, the results of an independent laboratory will have more weight in the eyes of your customers, especially when provided by a well-known and trusted company, like Econotech.

We are grateful for this relationship and we hope you'll allow us to continue (or start!) providing you with our customary, excellent service.