Reburned Lime Analyzer (RLA G4)


How Well Is Your Lime Kiln Performing?

Direct measurement of residual carbonate in reburned lime can help you to tune your kiln to avoid under- or overburning. Econotech's Reburned Lime Analyzer enables operators to regularly monitor residual carbonate (CaCO3) throughout the day.

Simple, consistent, tough and cost effective, RLA supports a stable and efficient kiln operation.


Experience the Benefits of RLA Data

  • Reduced energy/fuel costs
  • Less overburning and underburning
  • Stable recausticizing operation
  • Increased causticizing efficiency
  • Improved white liquor quality


  • Burette with % CaCO3 has validated offset accounting for gas expansion
  • Simple auto-pipette and control valve for consistent acid addition

Corrosion Resistant

  • Corrosion resistant materials for a long service life and low maintenance

Easy to Use

  • Just a few critical testing steps for consistent results
  • One hand locking mechanism for levelling bottle
  • Durable screw-in reaction jar results in few errors and jar breakages


  • Acid bottles completely secure with no loose tubing
  • Acid is also contained during the reaction, eliminating any concern of spillage


  • Small footprint of ~ 1 ft2 of bench space

RLA G4: Enhanced Design

  • After years of field experience and extensive customer consultation, Econotech redesigned the RLA in 2016, improving on its accuracy and robustness.

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