Non-wood/Agricultural Fiber Evaluations

Do you have a non-wood/agricultural fibre source? Are you exploring new end uses or product development? A pulping trial might be the first step to learn more about your fiber characteristics and paper strength properties. Contact us today and learn more about our pulping capabilities.

 Pulping capabilities:
  • 6-liter and 1-liter bomb digesters
    • 6-liter L-bomb, up to 900 ODg sample charge
    • 1-liter K-bomb, up to 120 ODg sample charge

      Benefits include:

      • multiple cooks completed simultaneously (three 6-liter bombs or six 1-liter bombs)
      • small sample size
      • isolating unknown conditions
      • additional data - total and screened yield, rejects, Kappa or K#, residual EA
  • Large volume cooks may be available upon request
  • 12-inch laboratory refiner for mechanical pulping studies
    • atmospheric refiner with interchangeable plates and patterns
  • Bleaching studies
  • Standard TAPPI handsheet evaluation for pulp, paper or linerboard properties

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