Physical and Optical Testing of Pulp and Paper

Yolanda with FQA

Yolanda Cahoon, with Econotech since 1996, running the HiRes Fiber Quality Analyzer.

Econotech can evaluate your product for a wide range of optical, physical and printing properties in order to provide you with reliable, accurate results. We participate in the Collaborative Testing Program and our own Quality Assurance Program to ensure our data meets or exceeds the required standards for accuracy and precision. Our test methods follow industry accepted standards such as TAPPI, PAPTAC, ISO and SCAN procedures.

We provide unbiased evaluations for market specifications or competitive benchmarking and we can help you better understand your product through fiber morphology analysis. Many customers use our services for weekly, monthly or quarterly evaluations and our knowledge and expertise can assist you to identify trend differences.

Econotech also ensures all your data is kept strictly confidential.

Some examples of what we do:

  • Pulp Strength Evaluations - PFI mill, Valley Beater
  • Handsheet Preparation, Canadian Standard Freeness
  • Schopper Riegler Freeness
  • Whitewater Recirculation System - Handsheet Preparation
  • Fiber Quality Analyzer
  • Shive Analysis, Bauer McNett Fiber Classification
  • Physical Properties - caliper, burst, tear, tensile, tensile energy absorption, stretch, porosity
  • Optical Properties - brightness, opacity, color, gloss, fluorescence
  • Dirt Evaluations
  • Fluff Pulp Evaluations


Contact Sandra Fodor or Yolanda Cahoon for more information