COVID-19: Econotech has continued to operate within public health guidelines and without interruption since the start of the pandemic. We are currently operating under a WorkSafe compliant Communicable Disease Plan. We do not foresee it, but will proactively notify our clients in the event that our operating status must change.   (Oct 2021)

Pulping and Bleaching

Econotech´s experienced pulping and bleaching staff will provide rapid and reliable results for what you need
to analyze and improve your product. We provide a one stop, full service operation for everything from Chipping
and Screening, through Pulping and Bleaching, to Pulp Strength, Liquor and Effluent testing.

Some examples of what we do:

  • Evaluation of agricultural and non-wood fiber sources, e.g. grasses, bagasse, bamboo and others
  • Kraft pulping simulations include batch, continuous, extended delignification and low energy batch technologies
  • Soda-AQ cooks (often for non-woods), as well as sulfite and PHK cooks for specialty cellulose (dissolving grades)
  • Full range of bleaching chemistry for oxygen delignification, ECF and TCF sequences for reduced AOX and environmental impact
  • Confidential product, process and bio-energy development
  • Impact of changes in fiber supply, e.g. species mix, rot, chip size or thickness
  • Optimize pulp yield, energy savings and product quality
  • Benchmark and monitor process performance
  • Independent evaluation of process additives including anthraquinone
  • Laboratory and pilot plant support for mill Technical and Corporate Product Development departments

Our facilities include chipping and chip classification equipment, processing equipment for non-wood furnishes, small bomb cooking, pilot scale digesters for batch and simulated continuous cooking, liquor recovery and recirculation, and a range of bleach plant options. We have a history of assisting mills - and equipment or chemical suppliers - to evaluate their pulping and bleaching operations.


Contact us: [email protected]