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The Econotech Advantage

You probably already know that Econotech has been a trusted pulp and paper laboratory since 1972 providing a variety of testing services using standard methods such as TAPPI, SCAN and ASTM etc. But you might be surprised to know how else we can help you!

Ever find yourself in one of the situations below?

In a rush? Need results you can trust?

Our lab is set-up to handle a heavy load of samples on a daily basis allowing us to turn-around your samples quickly without sacrificing the quality of analysis. Our technicians are highly experienced, most of them having been with us for twenty years or more. We have a well established quality program so you know you can trust the results we provide. In addition, we are able to offer a "rush" service (with a supplementary charge) in most cases.

Want to benchmark your product?

Econotech's unbiased, independent testing helps you differentiate your products from the competition and close sales. We can also help evaluate your product innovations. Our pulp and paper testing group would be happy to discuss your needs with you!

Investigating other fiber sources?

We routinely perform pulping and bleaching trials on a variety of materials including non-woods. For some customers, their traditional fiber supply might be at risk creating a need to look at alternatives (either woodchips from another source or non-woods). For others, sustainability issues might be a driving force for change. Look to our pulping and bleaching group for help.

Doing a material balance?

Econotech provides testing for metals, carbonate, sulfate, chloride and more on liquors, smelt, saltcake, unknown deposits etc. See our pulping chemistry page for more details or call us today.

Urgent customer complaint or request to deal with?

Our lab can offer an independent assessment of quality to help you deal with a customer complaint. Our pulp and paper testing group often assists customers in this way. We also have extensive contaminant identification capabilities. Of course, your results are always kept in the strictest confidence.

Is your own lab struggling to keep up?

Use Econotech as your safety net. We can handle your overflow or rush projects as well as low-volume specialty tests that you may not be equipped to handle.

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