Presently, UPS couriers are experiencing significant delivery holdups locally. To enable us to monitor UPS shipments on your behalf, please forward the tracking number to [email protected] with your expected deliver date. If your analysis is time sensitive please consider an alternative shipper. If you are based in the United States and UPS is your only option please contact us and we will advise an efficient workaround.  (posted March 28,2020)

Sending samples from within Canada  flag of Canada

Are your samples hazardous?  hazard sign     (step 2 of 3)


eg - condensates, lime, turpentine, sodium sulfide (smelt), black liquor, white liquor, green liquor


eg - wood, chips, pulp, paper, other raw fiber sources, finished paper products

Please contact one of our shipping specialists if you require information related to sending samples.
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 800-463-5700 (within Canada and the USA) or 604-529-2823