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Non-Hazardous samples sent from other countriesglobe

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Include the following two (2) forms with your shipment:         (step 3 of 3)


  1. Chain of Custody Form

  2. Commercial Invoice
    Four (4) copies attached to the OUTSIDE of the parcel
    IMPORTANT: Be sure to include the statement "Customs Clearance by Cole International"
    on the Commercial Invoice.

    (See example if needed)


For hog fuel and raw fiber (wood, wood chips, non-wood cuttings, etc)

Please contact us as soon as possible - before shipping - so that we can arrange an importation permit from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (the body that inspects all plant materials entering Canada). We will need to know the scientific names (eg - Pinus taeda, pinus sp., eucalyptus sp.)


Ship To:

Econotech Services Ltd.
852 Derwent Way
Delta, BC, V3M 5R1


Please contact one of our shipping specialists if you require information related to sending samples.
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 800-463-5700 (within Canada and the USA) or 604-529-2823