Special Projects

Brad following H-factor

Brad Wishart, with Econotech since 2009, monitoring H-factor during a cook.

Using third-party testing

You may have excellent equipment and expertise in-house, but there are times when an independent evaluation is a must. Whether you are selling a new chemical or process or dealing with a customer complaint, the results of an independent laboratory will have more weight in the eyes of your customers... especially when provided by a well-known and trusted company, like Econotech. Your results are always kept in the strictest confidence and we often work under confidentiality agreements.

Pulping and bleaching trials

If you are changing furnish (wood or non-wood), developing a new product, or being forced to change your process due to market or environmental pressures, you might be interested in doing a pulping and bleaching trial with Econotech. More details on our pulping and bleaching capabilities are available in our list of services.

Identification of unknown materials

"What is that?" - We constantly receive samples of unknowns in various forms, from scale or mysterious goop in the mill, to foreign materials in a final product. Often, the critical step in fixing your problem is identifying the unknown. Econotech has excellent contaminant ID capabilites both in terms of equipment and expertise.

Other forest bioproducts testing

During our 40+ years in the pulp & paper industry, we have naturally acquired some expertise in closely-related areas. There is a growing interest in wood pellets as a fuel, and in high-value extractives from biomass. A pulping trial on biomass might be of interest. And we'd be happy to help you with lignin testing or the analysis of biomass in general. Talk to us about your needs.


New method development

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